Get Involved

Speech recognition is a daunting task. There is lots of work to do and Simon is just getting started. As such, we're constantly looking for motivated contributors.


Just like every other software project, we need smart coders. To get involved, you do not need to have any prior knowledge about speech recognition. But if you still want to know, we can teach you.

You can find instructions on how to set up a development environment on the wiki.

The list of open bugs is of course always a good way to start but starting by writing your own command plugin can be very rewarding as well. If you need some help navigating the comparatively large code base, feel free to contact use either per email or on the forum.


You want to translate Simon in another language? Great!
Simon is translated through the KDE localization framework. Check out their homepage for more information.


If you want to package Simon for your distribution, you can find information about dependencies on the the wiki.
We'd also be happy to answer any questions regarding optional dependencies or licensing issues. Feel free to contact us on the mailing list. Already have a package and want us to add it to the download page? Again, drop us a line!


You are a usability expert with a bit of time on your hands? Or do you love to write unit tests in your spare time? Whatever it is, we'd appreciate your help. Get in touch with us now on the forums or our mailing list.